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Freddie's Story

Riding has vastly improved Freddie's quality of life and Wellbeing.

Freddie has an undiagnosed neurodivergence, and feels he has had a hard time fitting in with regular life and expectations...but not at the stables. Here Freddie feels like he can engage on the same level as everyone else, and that he fits in with the community at Rowebuck Stables and has even made some strong friendships.

Moving my horse too Rowebuck stables was one of the best things I have done the experience and friendships I have made is amazing and getting the opportunity to ride for Elliot Rowe and for him to get me and my pony to the stage we are at now.

young boy on a horse jumping over a fence made out of logs

Freddie has been riding since he was 9, joining his sisters in their passion for horses.

He feels a huge sense of pride and achievement in his riding and a close bond with his horse.

Buying my horse that I have now has had a huge positive impact on my Life I have owned him for 4 years and bought him as a 4 year old we have both taught each other so much and I can’t wait too see what the future holds

Horse riding helps Freddie deal with the stresses of life, he can put all that aside and concentrate on doing his best in the field.

It takes you away from the drama and stress of day to day life and it gets you out the house and motivates me

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