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Safety is at the heart of Ride_2Win's message to help equestrians with their mental health. 

Riders Minds and Charles Owen recognise head injury can be a contributing factor to poor mental health among riders.

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These charities can give you immediate help in a crisis


We all need help to get us through tough times. Sometimes we need to chat and to feel like we are heard, sometimes we just need a funny horse picture to make us laugh.

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Being an Equestrian can greatly improve your quality of life and wellbeing, but sometimes the pressure can impact on those things too.

Recognising and taking responsibility for your own mindset will give you a head start to keeping on track. 

  • Don't compare yourself to other riders: it's your journey, OWN IT

  • Surround yourself with support and don't let others dull your shine

  • Forget appearances perfection

  • Recover well from injury and stay safe


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